Want Alpha keys ?

Check out FrostySSP livestream giving out free keys at 100 views hurry http://www.twitch.tv/frostyssp don’t forget to follow :slight_smile:


where what website

include the link for god’s sake


He won them now he is giving them out

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we need them keys

No you don’t

Sighs, another giveaway to gain viewers. He’ll get 100 viewers then everyone will leave once the giveaway is over.

I got the key thanks

You didn’t get anything. Trolls are trolls.

He went offline: D What a liar

Also got a key wow so nice

Nah his back now

there is no cole wilk, yet he got the key somehow

unfunny ._.

cough Scammer cough

Did you guys really think you’d get a key?

no colewilk on the chat, suddenly after the giveaway announcement colewilk comes on