Want BLACK OPS 2 models?

Here is a easy way to get models from Black Ops 2 w/o using 3D RIPPER. (download link at bottom of page)

The program is called LIME created by TOM_BMX (NOT ME!)! Its a program that is ran right beside Black Ops 2 sp or mp exe, it detects** ALL** models from any map you load, even DLC/ zombies models as its all loaded into memory, and it just gets it for you. There are THOUSANDS of models in Black Ops 2 in your disposal!

The models can be mass converted and bined to maya or converted to obj if you want, very handy tool!

All you have to do is download the tool, and run it right beside Black Ops 2. Here are a couple videos of the tool in action!


Download link below:

Tell Tom thanks! :slight_smile:

Does this get textures/rig/animations as well?

Textures for the models, yes, if you want textures from the game (Wall textures etc) use his IPAK extractor to get thoes

Rigs, yes, the models all have bones (use MAYA export option to get the character models! dont use XMODEL_EXPORT option for character models, there is a bug with the bones with the Xmodel_Export rigs). Maya is fine though.

You dont have to worry about the XMODEL_EXPORT unless you plan to port the models to other Call of Dutys (COD4,COD2,COD1 OR COD W@W)

Animations, not yet, he is working on a tool for that.

Does this work with older versions of COD?

Could anyone grab the Zombies survivors for me? A few ‘issues’ are preventing me from running the game and I was hoping to work on them.


Some misc zombies would be nice too :wink:

Bad news first, no…not at the moment.

BUT! BUT!!! Tom built this tool to have to option to add more COD’S, he plans to add BLACK OPS, MODERN WARFARE 2 and 3 support soon.

gah, wish i had black ops 2 installed. had to free up some room, i really want to get my hands on that bus!

If the in-game skeleton can be ripped along the model and converted to smd/psk/fbx hell yeah that’s on the wantlist.

Yeah toms win


Ok a few things

Exporting from single player will crash the game at some instances. I talked to Tom he is working on this, you can quickfix it by turning off “RemoveDXT5Alpha” in the settings.

Exporting models for maya will not work in some cases for maya2012-32bit maya2012-64bit because maya can’t read the cod textures that have ~ in them like >


Again toms working on the fixes.

Stupid question, but can you also get collision models from this program?

If its a model, yes, I know there are collision models in BO, but don’t know if there are any in BO2 (probably are)

But If you mean collision for every model, probably not as the collision for most models are made in RADIANT and not in MAYA, thus you can’t get it as its not a model, as no one found a way to decompile maps in the new CODS (COD4 and after)

Is there any trick to getting normal maps to export properly? Some work fine, but others turn out like this:

Would anyone be willing to export the female pilot and textures for her for me?

Somebody create a wepon pack :D? (later) but my pc can’t run the black ops so i can’t buy and i want weapons :blush:

tga format right?

Yeah, but it seems like every other .tga normal map i have is fine. The only one that i’ve seen do that is the one from the buffel.

I’ve tried re-exporting it multiple times and with different settings and graphics settings and it still does that.

All original bones and rig

K I messaged Tom