Want me to make you a map?

I’ve been low on inspiration lately, and I need mapping practice. So I’ve decided to take requests on what map I should make. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a specific game mode, server, or whatever. My mapping skills are pretty good for just a casual map. I’ll do it for free and as long as it’s a reasonable request. I can map for gmod, TTT, RP, sandbox, or other custom modes, or anything really. Just post your request and if I accept, send me your steam name in a PM, I’ll add you and we can talk about it. So yeah, fire away, I guess.

Make a proper racing circuit that’s not full of straights and 90 degree corners

give it proper elevation changes and realistic corners

Any more detail? Setting, theme, time of day, weather, etc?

You might want to add examples of your work.

Problem is, a lot of my work is shitty. Which is why I need motivation. Which is why I’m doing this.

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Ah, hell. Here’s a few screenshots from WIPs that I never compiled. I’m above this skill level now, but this is my most complete work.


That looks great 0o0

Thanks. Scale’s a bit off though, I might consider remaking it one day.


Here’s a few maps that I’ve needed or wanted, but couldn’t find anything good for:


I’d love to see a courtroom.

Would love to see some awesome driving roads!

I could do a courtroom then, I guess. Would be good for machinimas.

Make an RP map ( i know theres a shit ton of them )

if its only for practise its great becouse of all the diffrent things you can add to a RP map

Maybe a map with a atmosphere what makes you feel fear

Guys, what I’m looking for is a specific, detailed request from someone who needs/wants a specific map. Not “lol make a map like this lol”

Okay then, make me a map with an atmosphere what makes you feel fear

I want you to make a big monster truck arena where the arena itself is a giant donut with tree different types of terrain, evenly divided into thirds as a pie; standard dirt, grass, and snow. Make the hills as lumpy as possible in the dirt section, make the grass section have long smooth hills with random ramps, and have the winter section start up high and empty into both the other two terrain types. (optional skii resort at the peak)

At the center of this massive donut are not one, or two, but four NASA launch pads color coded to the windows logo, with two space shuttle Endeavour (OV-105) class orbiters, the russian Proton-K rocket and the S.S. Dolphin from Pikmin 1.

And acres of screaming fans surrounding the arena.


inb4 he actually does it


In the future you could try remaking the sect camp from Gothic. I found it to be really cool when I found it at night in Gothic.

If you’re looking for something to work on and to improve your experience/skills, search around on here or gamebanana for old & newbie maps. Most of the people who post on gamebanana don’t put a lot of effort into their maps, but they usually have a great never-thought-of design. Try to see what you can improve on the maps or try to make something that goes along with the style.