Want more!

Ok so i currently have a spacebuild(under construction) but i plan to get two more servers, what would you like to see

You giving us a better description of what you are doing.

Spacebuild servers.

ok well i have a spacebuild server but i want to get two more servers they can only be 16 max players, and i just wanna know what the public would like to see more of

A SB2 server for once, SB3 is crap compared to it in my opinion. Too much stuff, overly large and bloated. I think SB2 had a good balance.

Yes, SB2. NOT SB3.

Make a GOOD build server with mature admins and strict but loose rules. Also need a good RP or maybe zombieRP with mature admins and kicks/bans everyone under 16 using the mic for 6 years.

Make an SB2 one and an SB3 one and a Post-Apocalyptic server on GM_Atomic!

well i do have a SB2 server up just need to restrict things

How about a parasite server, nobody really hosts it anymore and its a pretty good gametype

To be honest I haven’t herd of a lot of these other gamemodes I’ve only played sandbox,flood,underdone,sb2,darkrp(stupid),and some taco script ones(if that’s right) I’m setting up a community forum ill post link here after a couple more days but if any one knows of more of these cool old school gamemodes let me know

Melonracer :cool:

Is there any good versus gamemodes?

Garrywarfer(cant spell)

You can join our community at http://www.ggc.pendz.com the sites not done yet tryin to add thing but will be getting another sever this Thursday!