[Want] Silenced pistol

The pistol isn’t very useful, firing a gun gives away your position and the bow is pretty much just as good at killing. If you could attach a silencer you could put a few rounds in a bear that’s charging at you while scouting out some forest base.

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Oh and maybe reduce long ranged damage while silencer is equipped to balance it

Not silenced pistol, but silencer. I suppose, they will import gadgets for weps in no time.

yeah it would be cool if the silencer could be kept in your inventory when you want a regular pistol. I probably wouldnt have a reason to take the silencer off though haha

You tell it like it was not in legacy.:rolleyes:

You freshmans dayum. :eng101:

While I enjoyed playing with suppressed modern weapons with holosights in Legacy, I really found it was out of context for the concept of Rust, and would be even more so in the new Rust.

A home-made, ratty looking suppressor made out of scraps I’d be down with though.

Mmm, I dont wanna play a minecraft, rust is also about being a STALKER. You know what a stalker does. A stalker wont be sitting in the house, crafting shit. I want to go out and get hell of a good stuff for running in radioactive territory, making me bald. Cmon what the hell will there be in the end, if we make it a stone age-modern age age of empires/minecraft?

I like that shooting is a big risk in the game right now. It forces you to either risk alerting people or using a bow/other means.

I could get on board with Crunchmeister’s idea. Home-made suppressor. Chance to take damage from the suppressor blowing up on you or the suppressor making more noise would be a good trade-off.

In general I feel like there’s a great opportunity for items to be added that are more risk/reward based. % chance to mess you up vs silence for example. It gives people an option but they may not always be successful.

Oil filter suppressor anyone?

I could imagine it would be pretty hard to ads with that though xD

Some kinda 1 shot suppressed ghetto type metal pipe pistol would be alright. Only please no semi-automatics.

That’s actually exactly what I had in mind, actually. The oil filter suppressor is one of the easiest home-made jobs you can use, and they actually work quite well.

The addition of old wrecked cars could be a source of salvaged junk, including said “suppressors”.

That’d be cool.