Want skins for CSS! $$$ INVOVLED

i need someone who can create counter strike server models (skins) with 3dsmax. I am wiling to pay $$$ or steam games if required for your work.

(User was banned for this post ("Missed the requests" - PLing))

Errrm, are you a troll or something?

You want skins in the title, then ask for models, tell us you really mean skins, but then you mention model software.

And you don’t even go into detail.

You dont really need to be an asshole. I just want Skins for my jailbreak server…Theres no reason to go into detail, ill pay you money if you make me skins.
Simple as that

Do you want skins or models? You don’t even go into detail on that.

He obviously wants skins. He just doesn’t know what programs to use and how to do it.

But then again he mentioned the word models. :confused:


Also what is $$$, 3 dollar signs means 3 dollars? How many do you want? These are all questions a skinner will ask… Seeing as I am one myself. So yes, you want me to do it, I DO need details.

Dude really stfu. You’re getting annoying. You’re finding every little thing that i didnt mention. I think people realize what im talking about other than you, who has nothing better to do than go on forums and correct people. If someone is interested in making skins for me the $$$=Money. We can go into detail about that…

How much are you paying and what do I need to skin.

How ever much you want bro, And i need you to make me CSS jailbreak skins. Make em look like they are real prisoners!

Troll this guy is going about this on another thread in another section…

Wtf are you talking about troll? I just signed up this is my first thread smart ass. Im trying to get skins made. Get lost

And your telling me to shut the fuck up? Dammit I am a skinner, search me up you dumbshit.

I am not pointing out “every little thing you missed”, I am asking questions I need answers too. But that is like pulling teeth.

Your making me less and less interested with every post tough.


Look dude, all they are asking for are details on what you want them to skin. I mean they need to know what to skin in case they have never played Jailbreak and have no idea what you want. Its just common sense, no need to go around calling people stupid.

I know i need to know that they can make models and shit. Then ill tell em what i need you know?

So you want models now?



If you want proof that I can make skins, use advanced search and find all threads started by me in the models/skins section.

Now then. Calm down everyone.

Mongoose430, what they are trying to find out is that if you need models (pieces of 3d geometry) or skins (2d textures on that 3d geometry, not 3d models). Since most of the CS:S community calls models skins, there’s bound to be confusion.

And the rest of you, don’t just call him a troll and make witty posts, try to clear up the confusion.

Why can’t you go on FPSBanana and look for skins lazyboy.

I gave him the link to fpsb lol

Doesn’t work like that do.