Want some steam freinds


Join servers, find people, make friends with them.
No one’s going to randomly add you on steam because you asked

Hey thats you’re opinion but maybe someone would want to be freinds.


your a dick arn’t you

Nope. He’s right.

Get out of here stalker.


The truth.

Edit: Hey Matt Wild.

Nice of you to make another alt. (OP)

The asshole army is here, just waiting for he cunt cavalry :sax:

Asking for friends here is a dumb idea, as people will not know whether or not they will like you due to you not putting any interests down. Also this begging is very sad to see…

And the sheer fact that he has no friends on Steam currently, as they are really easy to come by, to be honest…

I have not even said or read anything yet in this thread, and the OP’s avatar has told me to shut the fuck up.

Sir, I will not be adding you to my Steam friends list.

Lol half of this thread made no sense but to the above post i don’t mean the aveator in offense its just a joke.

friends plz

Hey Matt, why did you delete all your 30 friends you had when you called yourself GeoFox?



OK well whatever this thread is going on about here wich makes little sense now all i understand is that no-one is interested here so nevermind.

Edit:meet players on games my achievement addon for gmod said i have seen 100 players on servers

Hey My sister did that at hight school and almost every one gave here a hug but I am not agreeing on asking for friend you earn them

omg just join some games and talk to people and then add them

I know, I was joking as well

obviously it backfired ):