Want the communities opinon

I have a dedicated server box with very good specs in my house, Never in use except for 1 single Teamspeak 3 server. I love ppl having fun so I decided i may try my hand at a GMOD RP server (Or any others that are wanted). I see some threads about gripes about communities
like how bias they are, or abusing admins and stuff.
I wanted to hear what you guys would want so that the server can be fun for you guys not just what I want. (if that makes any sense)
I want this community to be successful not for personal gains but because I want to make people happy and give them a place to have fun, and what better place to start then to get the opinions on the community on how to make it that great.

Just post below =D

You should avoid any rp if you are trying to create a fun environment. You’ll be dealing all day with rdm reports, screaming children, etc. You should try a gamemode with the “rules” built into the mechanics of the gamemode itself.

True, i just remember DarkRP and others back in the day when they were very fun. Just havnt decided fully what to do just always liked RP. :stuck_out_tongue: