Want to add HDR to BigCity Night

Okay so here’s my story. I have played TF2 since 2009 and have recently taken up making SFM shorts. I really want to make a short that is different from everything out there and put the TF2 characters in a new setting. Now I play gmod frequently and I have a night version of BigCity that I think would be perfect for SFM. Unfortunately it has no HDR and I know nothing about mapping. So I dowloaded source SDK worked out all the materials and made sure there were no errors and started compiling. Problem is compiling never gets past ProcessBlock_Thread: 0. I let my computer sit there for a good 2 hours and came back to see it still hasn’t passed 0. I have a great PC that can run modern games on maxed graphics so it isn’t a power issue. I’ve spent hours goggling this problem and still have no idea what is wrong. Is big city too big? Is it a simple fix?

TL:DR: I need help making a HDR version of BigCity Night for a SFM short but know nothing about mapping.

Probably because Bigcity never had a night version, so it’s decompiled and fucked up like no other

Secondly, why would you use bigcity for a TF2 short

Have fun kid: Big City Night

Wait for freakrules’ next map isntead.
Bigcity isn’t very good.

Thanks a ton