Want to Hire Scripter

Hello, I am looking to hire a scripter for some certain requests for my Rp server these requests are things like Remodeling the menu, Adding an inventory system in the menu, Some npcs with special capabilities, and if possible one secret request. If you are interested to be hired for my task just PM me and give me an estimated price I have a fairly high budget so please do not be afraid to ask I am not a low baller but im not paying a 100 dollars for a game mode lol thanks and please get back to me asap.

your a low baller then …

Well considering that some of the game modes made by some scripters are pretty low quality and me unknowingly buying a cheap product would just be retarded like your post. When I say I am not gonna spend 100 dollars on a gamemode doesn’t mean i’m not gonna spend 100 dollars I mean a standalone game mode with no extras is like 30 to 50 dollars not 100+ dollars and I can say that confidently judging by the amount of horrible perp mods floating around and how do I know it is not being made by some 12 year old who just had his big “debut” in scripting all I am saying is I don’t want low quality :slight_smile:

Please do not double post.

Hi there!

We have a mega thread for hiring people!

I just read your reply, and well i can’t help myself.

First of all, 100 dollars for a gamemode is a very low price. You are low balling.

Secondly, please cite your resources on where you say “a standalone game mode with no extras is like 30 to 50 dollars”. Please also define what a “standalone” gamemode is, and how you got these prices.

Personally i would not make a gamemode for someone if they only paid me “30-50 dollars”. I could go type 3 lines of code in someones DarkDM to make that much money. (Minor exaggeration)

Also, there is a magical thing called inspecting the product you are buying before purchasing it to ensure it is not “low quality”, thats how you know.

And what do you know about programming? If you are able to tell your programmer how much something will cost, then you should know how to program it yourself.

OH and, learn punctuation / grammar.

Got a problem with people that are retarded?

I guess i cant apply then :frowning:

walks away, but instead walks in circles

me too :frowning:

I can’t apply too if you both can’t…