Want to join a Rust Clan? NWO Clan is Recruiting!

Hello all! My clan is looking for experienced players to come join and have fun! So, if you’re interested in joining, please follow these simple steps!

-Some experience with shooting (If you’re not so good with PvP or aiming… I will be more than happy to help you out! Just ask me for some help! Don’t be afraid to ask!)
-You must be a fun person to be around with! xD
That’s pretty much it for the requirements… We aren’t really looking for much!

How to Join the Clan
This is pretty simple just go to http://nwoclan.org/ and go to Recruitment/General Recruitment and follow the steps there!
If you get accepted add me on Skype and/or Steam for more info on the TS3 channel! Or you can find the IP address there! Skype: xxspiritualangelxx or SpartanCrafter0 Steam: NSK Spartan (or) ViejaPutiada

About the Clan
We are a group of Active players who love to play games with each other! Everyone here is friendly and we play a variety of games such as: CS:GO, Minecraft, DayZ, Rust (of course), Space Engineers, e.t.c!

About me
I am Spartan, I just love to play games with people and I am overall a pretty nice guy if I do say so myself! I am (if I do say so myself) a skilled player in Rust with over 300 hours of Gameplay! If you don’t have good aim or you are looking to improve your aim, you can ask me to help you and we can go on a War Kit/Battlefield server and I can teach you some tips and tricks… Or we can just PvP there! (Practice makes perfect!) I generally go on War Kit servers Daily and play solo. I also have a Twitch account that I mainly use just when I go on War Kit server and people call me a hacker… So if anyone calls me a hacker I just turn on my stream and give the server my Twitch Live Stream link. My Twitch channel is www.twitch.tv/SpartanCrafter0 … I also have a YouTube account with 300subs and a couple of videos about the Clan and our raids! (I improved my aim by a lot since those videos) My YouTube channel is www.youtube.com/SpartanCrafter0 . So if you wish to get a taste on what the Clan does… Please watch those videos and consider Subscribing! I also make videos about Minecraft and Tutorials and what not… Practically anything that has to do with Gaming… Anyway… Yeah thanks for reading this and I hope to see you later! Peace :smiley:

About my VAC Ban
This was over a year ago and here is the story on how it happened… So, one day I was going on a trip to Mexico for the weekend with my family, but my brother was staying home, because of work and what not… He knew my Steam ID and password so I guess he got bored and started playing TF2 and got hacks for it for some reason… So after that he got VAC Banned on TF2 and once I came back I was mad as hell xD But he made it up to me by buying me a Game and I forgave him… lol