Want to link your server to a community?

-snip- nevermind. If interested pm me


give us a free server!

“We’re too poor for our own coders or servers, so we mooch other people’s”

Yes I am poor. Make fun of me for that.

Axiom gtfo. You PM’d me saying my community sucked with nothing to back it up and the fact I JUST started it.

no I didn’t

pics or gtfo

… Right. I doubt people would believe you didnt anyway. I goto my computer to find:

Axiom :D: acedservers suck
Aced: Oh thank you. Now you hav anything to back that up?

I wonder my tag isn’t on there… Forged much?


Yes i just wrote that…? I dont have any proof. Butit is fairly easy to believe

No, it’s not.

Once I’m done with my current project, I’d gladly sponsor a 18-slot server (depending on gamemode, up to 42-slots if non-critical
such as DarkRP or Floodmod) for the price of having code at the bottom of the motd saying sponsored by me, with a logo and link to the website.

Seeing however as my project isn’t done, it’d be dumb to advertise it, so meh.


Heck I would probably even sponsor 2x 20-slots if I knew what it’d be sponsored for would get me traffic.

You just forged something and want people to believe? Your not getting far in life.

Tools. Ill glady advertise on my site also. Add me on steam. Aced224. We can set something up

Meant the motd.txt so people would see it when joining, but meh w/e, adding.

Project probably won’t be done for ages, but offer remains.

I know, i mean both. Just increasing for your offer. Anway ill talk to you on steam

Why would anyone want to link their server to an empty community?

To get it started.

Its more of a kind favor. There are still people who want to give to people who need it