Want to make a civilisation server, need help with server design and especially building

Got pretty unlimited resources i.e. 32gb ram dedicated server in germany with 1gbit connection infinite space etc
want to make a server where there is one or 2 like state-run towns that can’t be destroyed, the idea being that everywhere outside those will be normal rust KOS russians etc, but in the towns no fighting, i think the dynamic could be amazing with like 400+/1000 players.
but i’m not the greatest builder, i made a town before, well a village, and it was ok, but i’d love to get some real passionate builders in on this and maybe some other staff like design / development to help with how the gameplay should be and mods and stuff.

so yeah just putting it out there please add me in steam if you’re interested my username is VoxR4710

I’m not sure the scope you’re aiming for can be achieved at this point, no matter how much RAM or bandwidth you throw at it.

That said, how do you plan to enforce a ban on combat within the city zones, and how will you render buildings indestructable?

for buildings you can use a plugin that modifies, dmg to buildings and decay as far as everything else

You are correct, you can also set null damage zones effectively creating a safe area.

I believe with Zone Manager plugin for oxide mod will do all the stuff you are looking for now. Sorry I have been outta touch lately, and shut down my server waiting for Rust to start shaping up into what the Devs want. With the xp system and other stuff they plan to add it doesn’t seem worth the time to make servers like this. As next week an update could come out and destory your idea for this to work. Good Luck!

If you need some help building just message me I’ll come help. I made some really pretty bases in the past

I like to build too. You can message me. I am not a 24/7 Ruster, but I play regularly. I’m more the one who makes efficient buildings over beautiful buildings, but I guess I can do both. At least I am a studiously guy who is watching a lot of Youtube videos to become better at it.