Want to make a gamemode - Where to start?

I wan’t to make a gamemode. I know basic Lua and intermediate Python, so where do I go now? No tutorials I can find are completed or as in-depth as I would want. I remember a guy called Cosmic Seagull but his channel seems to be deleted. I preferably don’t want to spend hours pawing through the wikis, but I will if I need to. Thanks in advance!

Some info

Start by editing existing gamemodes and playing around with their code, it really teaches you a lot about how to code Lua than any tutorial on the internet (at least for me it did).

Blue’s channel may be able to serve as an alternative for Cosmic Seagull.

Good luck !

I already watch Blue, but the tutorials dont go far enough. Im already decent in lua but I want to code a GM from scratch. I’ll check them links now, thanks in advance

You could use the wiki links provided by iJohnny and then cross-reference what you learn with a gamemode like Murder or even Deathrun Neue :slight_smile: