Want to make Gmod movie?

Hi Gmod fans! :slight_smile:
I where thinking of filming something in gmod, like Comedy movies/series or something like that. :smiley:

First of i’am going to gather a team of gmod ppl’s and then start talking ideés.

So, anybody want to join? :slight_smile:

Add me on Steam:Proitexswe

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Add me Dude i sent you a request already gotta talk to you bout stuff

I’d be glad to help! Add me!

Sounds great, add me.

:rock::pwn::quagmire::dance::suicide: im making a video add me if u wana join cause i need main chareters with mics

Im down to act and such. im not very good with tech stuff though so i might not be of much help.

coooool mannnnnn

Boring February and March coming up for me, So I’m definitely interested.
Add me ‘Ahtiz1’

 -I can work on Props and can be an Actor. I have a Mic.

Was it really necessary to put all those emoticons?

Welcome to the forums…

I have great visions for your posting future, my friend. Very good posts in the future, indeed!

I’d gladly help out, if there is anything I can do.

Sure I would Be Glad to help.:slight_smile:

I can help, add me :wink:

  1. Please don’t put all those emoticons there.
  2. Did you really sign up to make that post?
  3. What’s a “chareter”

Thanks for linking up your YouTube page with FP.

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I’m good with breakable props and machinery in Gmod. I might be willing to do some of that if you need it.


I’m able to help, you can use my server, Add me Smidge146