Want to partner up servers?

I’m getting tired of hosting and managing a sever by myself and it being a 20 person server with a main website and a forum ready I want to expand my reach by “partnering” up with someone. To be eligible you have to have your own server that is equipped with DarkRP or any other popular game mode and set up. I will message you on Steam for more info about how the merging process will work.

Also I am making an animation to promote my server and hopefully if this is successful ill mention your server if wanted.

Info: Steam: [ND4L]MonkeySpanker
Website: Message me
Forum: Message me

P.S. I am an experienced person with Garry’s Mod and it’s community so if you are fairly new, JUST got a server, or don’t have any experience managing one (Admin, former admin, owner, former owner) then please don’t respond to this thread.

P.P.S. This is only my second post on facepunch so if I somehow presented this wrong please just tell me.

Note: If you are just adding to the Post “Dumb” (bluebull107, freaqzz, ) You are not at all helping and quite frankly wasting mine and other peoples time. (Don’t like it just ignore this post is that so hard?)

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Former owner/superadmin need help?

-snip- young autism

I’ll give you $25 just to redirect it for the traffic.

lmao the OP and first three posts in this thread are terrible. Why not include details about the merging process in the thread? Since you aren’t people can assume anything. For example, I can guess you’re just going to suck the autonomy out of the second person and be a backseat driver to them.

You could turn to your players to see if anybody is up for making a new server, and then help them out with the process. It’s how I made my first server. (I was abusive as fuck and the server was just bad though)


Sorry for the stupid comment, i now have a server want to pair up?

Partnering up is a silly idea, things almost always fail due to inequalities in the partnership and such. You would be better being by yourself.

In my eyes, partnering up is to steal your partners scripts and player base. If they can’t do that then they’ll ruin your servers reputation in some way.

Sure, PM me your FTP and paypal account and I’ll be working on it 24/7!

I would not trust not so super… Either way add me on steam if you want help or anything.