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I was literally uploading this one right as the last thread closed :wideeye:
I call it “Alien Abduction”

Well I never got to upload this one so here it goes

Tried to make a decent pose in gmod in like, a year.


Safe to say, it’s my last.

See ya space cowboy.

Practicing camera angles and lighting.

Copied a quote from the previous thread:

Is this better? Granted my custom rain particle broke for some reason so I’m gonna have to use no rain.

As long as I don’t cross certain line, it’s ain’t count as pornography, but count as art.

woah there hombre

Either my eyes are playing tricks with me, or is it the PS edit looks really weird and makes D.va look disproportionate around her waist. I also don’t think tights work like that.

don’t roses usually have thorns :ohno:

Pork n’ Taters is never over.

Bájale la espuma a tu chocolate

yes, it is definitely better.

next you have to start thinking about environmental lighting. the sun and such. the background shows an early dawn or the evening sunset, but nothing in the scene matches that. there is no sunlight at all, let alone atmospheric lighting/light bouncing.

in this particular scene, to not steal the “spotlight” (AHUEHEUHEUHEU) from the rimlighting created by the helicopter, you’ll want to use a less intense sun, maybe a half or one third of the helicopter light’s brightness. i’d place it somewhere on the left and quite low, because it’s close to the horizon, but not as much “behind” the characters as the helicopter light is. maybe half as much, if you know what i’m saying. try to make the sun’s color match the shade of the sky near the horizon.

Gipsy Danger at the back there looks awfully brightly lit for nor particular reason. instead of a random white light we’ll have a proper natural light source highlighting her, but that’s only one half of the sunlight thing.

since perfectly black shadows look like ass and make no damn sense in an outdoors scene, they need to be lit up by something. the way outdoors lighting works is that the sun casts the light, and then everything else reflects that light. this includes the sky. you can see that the haze covering the background buildings is roughly the same shade as the upper parts of the sky. this is because, as Vioxtar put it, there isn’t really a difference between haze/fog and the sky, because they’re one and the same: the atmosphere. and when the atmosphere gives the sun’s rays an orange tint, all the spots the sunlight doesn’t hit directly but which are lit by the reflected light bouncing around take on a blue/purple hue. i don’t know the scientific reason why, that’s just color theory for you.

so for the parts that are in the shade you’ll want a faint bit of purple/blue hue, specifically the exact color (or almost exact color) of the haze covering the background skyline. this is also why Knifehead’s arm, currently black, needs to get some of that light. but remember that this is REFLECTED light, so consider that when adjusting the light’s brightness. make it too bright and it’ll be far from believable.

this is a rather poor example because i did most of it with basic lamps and lights instead of getting a more realistic light setup with the soft lamps, but it sums up outdoors lighting pretty well


there are three main light sources in this scene: the sun, the sky, and the light reflected by the environment. this is most evident on the sandbags - they get the direct light (the sun), a shade of blue from directly above (the sky) and a hint of brown from below and the sides (the light bouncing). on the machine itself you see that the areas not touched by the sun also have a touch of color to them, color created by the environment and atmosphere. this is very important especially when something in your scene is made of metal, since metal tends to be a little bit shiny. a piece of imitated reality adds a lot to your shot and makes it look more… right.


direct white sunlight, blue from the sky, grey reflected by the ground. even in the shade the latter two are visible. you can also see that the pipes on top reflect some of the light shining on the rest of the pile.

also, have you thought of using fog? a slight bit of fog adds a lot of depth to a scene.


thought i’d try my hands at a rainbow six-ish scene :downs:

Decided to test a recently released model port as a bit of a warm up to try and get “back in the game”.

All in all, it was pretty disappointing. The advertised “flexes” were actually bodygroups effecting the whole face (I had to Photoshop the mouth from one face bodygroup onto another!) and the hands were also bodygroups where there were no finger bones.

These are sadly common occurrences with Nintendo model ports in the post-ApocHedgie era.

(Pretend I embedded a random-ass Youtube here, like you’re not listening to your own damn music.)

Way to make the MW2 operators look sweet.

Could I get some tips on what to improve composition-wise, I’ve still got lighting and finger/faceposing to do. Thanks for the help in advance!