"Want To Post Your Map But Don't Want To Make A Thread" Thread!

Wasn’t sure if this was the right section. If it isn’t could a mod please move this? (Thanks for the move)

If you believe your map isn’t thread worthy…then post it here


-Limit 2 thumbed screenshots per map displayed
-Limit 2 download links (per post)
-Post only maps YOU made
-Provide a description for your map.
-Provide the download link for your map

Below is the set-up of your download

Map Name Here

-Thumbed image/s here-

garrysmod.org link here

Here’s one of my maps



Isn’t this rather similar to the Pimpage thread? :v:

Yeah, that’s what the Pimpage thread is for!

Kind of
This thread is just for the release of a map.

Release Section.

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@ Bottom of Mapping section page.

I think this is more for released maps, and finding downloads. Isn’t Map Pimpage more for WIP?

i like this idea… :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can get a mod to move it

I’ll hopefully be using this thread in the next couple of weeks.