Want to see what a Actual Hacker looks like? here you go.

I hope this ok according to the forum rules, i didn’t see anything about posting screenshots of hackers.
My background is in a Senior IT position so im no stranger to programming and whatnot.

THis just happened on the official Dev server on 11/14/14, after getting attacked and killed out of the blue in a strange way, i decided to spectate, low and behold he’s using a hack that i’ve seen a few other times but never needed to capture as others were recording.

This particular hack is done with memory injection, and allows you to jump about halfway across the map… and move at super speed, it also allows you to see player names far far far outside the normal render distance. no clip is also possible.
Edit: removed the link as i deleted the screenshots.

I tried finding the name in recent players and current players, but it didn’t show up on the list :frowning:

Also sadly i recognised this players name on one of my servers earlier in the night, i went through the logs and couldn’t find a steam id for him. (odd imo) but ill look into that more tomorrow.

Edit: for the record hes still on the server right now 3:07 CST am 11/14/14 if any of you want to watch, with only about 15 people on its east to spectate a specific person.
Edit2 : i found his steam id " 76561198160018087 "and the first result on google… http://www.rustdb.net/player.php?steamid=76561198160018087

I know this can be abused, but i hope more community servers use this in the future.

if i didn’t have a potato of a pc id record it for you to see. but my 4 gb of dd2 ram and old processor aren’t really cut out to play And record, i can barely run the game as it is.

Right now i feel sad for all the players he and his accomplice are massacring. Hes just destroying hours and hours of hard work from many players in seconds with Neo like powers (Neo from the matrix).

i have his id saved and he will be banned on all our servers.
I’m also friends with BUGs from Rustified, and have sent him the relevant data.

this is only 1 hacker out of many, but dammit its just plain aggravating to see.
2 weeks ago i didn’t see any REAL hacks,… now suddenly in the last week we admins have been seeing more and more.

And you was hoping that some shitty noname anti-cheat system will help handling cheaters?
It’s all happening again, just like i said here before: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1409098
New portion of cheats, then they will be fixed, then new portion will come out… There is a lot of games where people cannot develop any cheats, and if fp realy wanted to handle this problem - they would at least contact that people and ask them to create anti-cheat for them, if they cannot handle cheaters on their own. But such an easy solution is not an option, why? You know why)

(User was banned for this post ("Read the dev blog before you post here. They are using another anticheat..." - postal))

(User was banned for this post ("Read the dev blog before you post here. They are using another anticheat..." - postal))

I don’t know about the rest, but i do know as a retired industry professional i am very very disappointed with EAC. My circle of friends includes Expert (and i do mean true expert) programmers, Network engineers, and i’m a former SR Sys Admin myself, EAC gives us all problems… and we know what we are doing.

The software engineers say its trivial for anyone with basic programming to bypass eac (memory injection i think they said). Personally i trust them, but i don’t program anymore and haven’t for 15? years? so ill have to take their word for it. they do say however that eventually the hackers should get caught as VAC and EAC should be able to detect the memory edits.

Is Cheat Punch still a thing? i dont know anything about that, as i haven’t been playing New rust for long.

I just hope that EAC gets their stuff together or that Garry can find a better solution, its not kicking hackers; and right now a decent amount of my time playing the game is trying to launch it repeatedly until i can connect to the EAC network.

Tf2 still gets hackers…game has been out for a LONG time. You seem to think the devs can just snap their fingers and stop hackers.

That is a pretty presumptuous statement.

Im only repeating what ive been told by my programming friends, I asked if it was a hard thing and was told its something any real programmer should easily know how to do. Ive been asking allot because like the rest of you I want fair play, The more I stay informed the more I can hopefully contribute.

P. S. I really really really hate cheating scumbags!

the anticheats were not made by a noname XD
and yes they aren’t perfect, but hackers usually love to use their cheats to the full potential (speed,fly,blueprint unlocker, wall hack, etc etc) and most of those are very easily detected (at least on legacy), havent been able to see any hacks in action yet on the new rust.
only pb that stays is wall hacks and stuff like that, but i guess that’s why the snapshots are here for :slight_smile:

If you have not seen the game destroyer hack The Elusive Super Hatchet Then take a gander.

Unless your friend has actually looked into bypassing EAC, its presumptuous to say method X would work. EAC isn’t a fly by night operation. They work full time on ensuring their software does as it claims. Is it by passable? Yes. However, the techniques used to bypass are way beyond trivial. And as a “real” programmer, I can tell you, I wouldn’t even know where to start.

If you want i can ask them specific details on how it could be done,… if i can get ahold of any of them today. They all have very busy jobs in the IT industry, Software engineers are on call 24/7 it seems.

However i’m not sure if thats crossing a line here in the forums, i’d have to get postals/admin permission. Perhaps it could help Facepunch/EAC close a exploit.

Hatchet has another hack related to it that allows people to hit with it from seemingly unlimited range. Saw a similarly dressed person as the one in this video on a server jumping through the air in the same way, that was able to use melee weapons (dont know if all of them, but at least hatchet and spear) on anyone within eyesight, no matter the distance, as long as they were rendered in from his viewpoint and not behind something.

Edit* False Alarm

big jump + headshot kil 15.11.2014

Friendly Jon

Um… WTF? Hes kidding right?

Did he just pick a name out of a hat and call it a hacker?

Well, he was banned for making a similar thread, which got deleted. And he offers no proof to his claims. So I can only assume that nobody, including the mods would take him seriously. My guess is the account belongs to one of the guys you caught on video for hacking, and he was mad.

I feel like im missing something, first Friendly jon ( btw I watched you pwn that guy with the 2 story on the water last night) made a post stating " false alarm" nedt some guy posted something and got banned… my curiosity is killing me.

Idk about the false alarm post, but the other user was banned for making this thread.

I just like how people just say how it is done and go, “It must be stopped!” hah
Just let everyone know