Wan't to try and map something interesting?

Try the mirrors edge main menu background

the images are quite big because they are meant to be background images


I don’t think anyone could map that in full scale. Gm_bigcity is the closest thing I can think of.

doesn’t look like it would break the map size limits…

and this isn’t a request, just a suggestion

Wait, you want it to be able to walk around in it or what?
I can’t/won’t map that much, my hammer would cry and kill my computer, so have fun mapping!

I also believe Source itself would go into a fit with a map like that.

not to walk around in no

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well you can do whatever, just a suggestion

Hazard did something, but less mirror’s edge-y

Well, then it’d be much easier if you didn’t have to walk around in it. I’m making something like that right now for my 3D skybox. It’s not minimalistic though.

You could pull it off with a 3D skybox

It would make one hell of a 3d skybox.

Cool idea, I wa not do this now.

I’m gunna try this.

Uh. Anyone got any textures like this? I’m terrible at making them.


Here’s Hazard’s:



That’s all skybox, and should be models soon. Once I finish all the textures

What kind of contraction is “wan’t?”

What? It doesn’t look like it would break the map limits? Are you kidding me?

i’m talking about half size or something