Want Your Picture In A YouTube Video?

If you want to have your picture in a Garry’s mod picture collection, please PM me it. It will be featured in “Garrysmod - How Far We’ve Come” a Youtube video I am working on. I will only post the collection if I get more than 15 pictures. Feel free to post more than one picture. Please (when you PM me) Give me the name you want CREDITED. Maybe you want your FP name instead of YouTube, oh well.

Now, I know I have barley any skill at creating garrysmod pictures. Don’t fray! None of my pictures will be in it.

Thank you, very much.


Finish time: About 24 hours ago.

You want to plagarize and take other people’s poses and claim them as your own? nowai

Is editing allowed? Or is this a “with gmod only” thing?

Umm… No? I will be giving credit to anyone who gives me a photo, I am only taking credit for the compilation, and that’s, what, 10%??

Anyone who thinks otherwise of giving me a photo for the movie because of the above post, please don’t stray because of that. Why would I even make a thread ASKING for pictures, when I could alternatively just “Save As” them?

Also, thats “Plagiarize”


Any picture allowed, editing, no editing. Doesn’t matter. Just to show what you made (mainly in Garry’s mod) other games accepted too.

Plagiaraize? that’s not how you spell it. i don’t know if you yanks spell it different but in my oxford dictionary it’s Plagarize

Now, this might be a dumb question, but what is a “oxford”?

Was rated dumb. Knew it. x|

who cares about permission, just take the photos and put there name on their screen shots. im sure no one will mind.

No, I want to make sure. The creators of the picture should have the choice, not me.

Take any of my pics and i’ll hunt you down

Nope. I wont. Not unless you PM me them with permission.

who in their right mind would take your pics anyway





Wow what the fuck does the screenshots forum have against me. i’ve just read a fucking camera angle tutorial and i’m about to go back and make some good poses. jesus fucking christ

Deathbucket … shhhh

If you don’t have any skill at making garrysmod screenshots you probably should not be showcasing a screenshot collection. Unless you have amazing skills in video editing with after effects, a crappy sideshow with music is just gonna piss people off.

I found a ton of my pictures in a YouTube video about WWII. It was weird. They were in there with photos and stuff.

Jesus can’t fuck Christ, they’re the same person.