Wanted - A system for community justice!

This requires 2 things. Signs we can stick in the ground, and the naming of people’s skulls. Like the Old West, wanted signs could be used to track down outlaws and other undesirables. We have the signs, but we have no proof if we actually killed someone. We can’t bring them back dead or alive. However, if when you killed someone their name was attached to their skull you could prove you did the deed! There would of course be ways of gaming the system, but that’s life in the world of Rust!

A really good idea that I’ve been waiting for. I’ve always wanted to throw out bounties for those annoying players that won’t leave me alone since legacy. This would be a unique way of getting revenge.

At the moment, what you could do is after you wound the player, you can take a screenshot of them while they lie on the ground wounded. Or even better, record a short video of you executing the player wounded on the ground (use a revolver for bonus points).

Not sure how hard it would be programming wise to assign someone’s name to their skull when you chopped them up, but this would be pretty fun I think.

With the possible addition of a place-able skull how about this?

Interesting… but I think looking how rust works you will get a shot in the face by the guy who should pay you for the job.

i liked the System in diablo 2 where you where able to loot a Players ear!
it was worth nothing but had the Player name in the description. that way you were able to
prove you actually killed that guy

not as fun as a named skull on a spike but maybe easier to code and maybe a little more realistic

Definitely agree to the naming of the skulls idea. Even without bounties / justice system, it would be cool to just know who the skull belonged to. Instead of having a chest full of generic “Human skulls”, you would have a chest with:

  • Zipper Bear’s skull
  • frank_walls’s skull
  • BioClone’s skull
  • neel11’s skull

etc. Much cooler…

Keep a box of your enemies skulls by your front door as a “diss”, so passers by can see how many times you’ve killed him, or who your enemies are…

instead of a box I’d still prefer Spikes with skulls (same System as signs)

You should be able to stick your spear in the ground and pop a skull on it :3

the pole in the ground with the wanted sign is epic, just allow us to build poles inthe ground, with normal signs we’ll do the rest!

also, epicly cool to be allowed to type on the skulls, a must. My base would be full of poles in the ground with a skull on them with my name on it.

I really like that…

  • Player can make there own bounties system with reward to the one that bring the skull :slight_smile:

And we can start a skull collection…

Really like that :rock:

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Let us place the skull on a plate with name on a wall like sign as a trophy…it will look cool

Maybe add something like a turn in box that a player can create to along with the sign or on a base. They put their reward inside and whomever brings the skull of the wanted person gets the reward as an exchange.

IMO, no skull (no sense). You could chop his head, and get a name with it (like you attached that name to that face IRL, though there are no unique faces in rust yet). You may keep it until it starts to rot in your bag. Also, need a freezer.

Dogtags would not be bad either, you would get them by progressing, so you can tell other people, that you killed a guy with a palace and dual-wielding rpg-s. You would collect them on your neck, also showing how cool guy you are.

Also, try leave it exploitable, who brings his head, gets the bounty. Do not make it a “you got him, its surely yours now” thing. In a minecraft roleplay server, there was a prisoner system, where killed guys would become an item, and you could carry them for bounty. It was exploitable.

Well like a lot of other methods of interaction that aren’t coded into the game, there are ways to advertise bounties on a player and reward the person who fulfills it. But since death is meaningless, and I doubt in a game where life is so perilous we’ll ever see any death penalties that do more than temporarily inconvenience, you’re essentially inviting people to act like a dick, get their bounties as high as possible, then have their friend shoot them while naked and split the reward. Of course, you’ll also get the trolls and asshats who want to piss everyone off, but were just waiting for a system to be introduced that measured and advertised how well they were accomplishing it.

How is any of this a problem though? Part of rust is about trusting people. If you can’t do a little research before offering up a handsome reward for player justice, then what do you expect to happen? If you get killed by player x and his group of friends, you should know who to avoid trusting. If those players want to make a name for themselves as bandits, THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO.

So you’re saying you want a way to advertise a bounty, negotiate the terms with prospective takers, and then decide whether or not to pay based on whether you think there was deception or collusion?

The good news is… you can do all of this already. No coding needed.

I don’t want to backstab anyone if that’s what you’re asking. I want a method for someone to PROVE that they killed your advertised target. Named skulls give a way to do that. That camera that was recently added could be used similarly too so this thread might already be moot. They just have to make the photos viewable ingame so we don’t have to constantly switch to the steam overlay.

I agree. No need for the skulls if you can take a picture and give it to someone in game. The only thing about the skull tagging idea is you don’t need another piece of equipment to prove it. The skull model is already being made, and all you would really have to do is code in a system that has the player’s name in the description of the skull when you select it.

And to be quite honest it’s a lot cooler to turn in someone’s head than a photo.

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Why not? People scam others in the real world all the time. Why shouldn’t they be able to do it in Rust?

Scamming in this instance is very easy. Say someone places a bounty on a guy for like 10k sulfur. The guy that is the object of the reward then contacts a buddy that will do the killing and split the reward with no ill effect to the guy that got a reward on his head. The guy in question can even kill himself and turn in his own head!

Yea, sounds like a good scam. Turning in your own head probably wouldn’t work. If I was the guy that had set the bounty and the guy showed up at my door I’d kill him.