Wanted Admin Server

Wanted Admin Server on your server “Facepunch - Moscow”, a lot of bug users, you could stuff your server offline, but does not keep an eye on him and a great shading on restarting, predupreždaj at least for the moment, a lot is lost from the craft of …

I’m pretty certain that is not an official server. It’s missing the official tag and it isn’t listed here.

At least one Russian server has been trying to pretend to be an official server as a way of getting traffic. This one’s also misleading. As far as I know, there are no official FP servers in Russia.

Can he still, there will be a server without administrator dies of …and Yes these restarts to 5 per day.not really ((

This thread is bizarre for so many reasons. One of the most confusing ones, for me, is why your user handle is a misspelling of ‘terrorist.’

terrorist190 was taken, apparently;)

shhhhhh cia have him, hes in gitmo

And what next ? Server now closed?

Facepunch - Moscow ( is an official server, It is not in the Official list though yet.

I stand corrected.

Well, my faith in Elix is shot. :v: