WANTED Fire Arms

Once again andrews asking me to make a thread for him, I agree, the download gets put up here, Hilarity ensues oh joy.

Im pretty sure this is a recreation of the mechanic from wanted where you can curve bullets.


Pretty epic I must say.


Forget it.

What are differents from NullPoint/MakeR s swep?

From what I’ve seen, its a direct rip…

It isn’t a direct rip, it is a similar idea, implemented in a different way, but there is an awful lot of similar code. I’m not really bothered about this though because mine actually works.


Just let Andrew Mc-Twatters get on with it.

I tested this myself when he asked me to test, and it didnt work at all for me. Im unsure, but you should probly get in touch with him bout it, Not me :stuck_out_tongue:

I will, don’t you worry :smile:

Interesting. A bit clumsy though.

I have both MakeR/Nullpoint’s WANTED SWep and this one. While this SWep is more effective to use, what with the right-click function and all, and has the awesome crowbar-swinging third person animation, I think that MakeR’s curving and the aiming laser are superior.

Maybe a combination of the two would be best?

These two, combines, would be like having Jesus in a gun.

Why dont i see the guide line for the bullet?

I’d prefer it if you used the distance to target counter more effectively, so that up until the point of being, say 10-15 meters away, it moves really fast,a and below that, slower, or maybe even a gradient speed system, so the further to go the faster it goes.
It’s just a little boring for those cross-city shots to take so long, at least add epic song and noir PP.
Also could you make it so that the slow-mo uses host_timescale with a switch, as in, if sv_cheats is on, use timescale, if it is off, use the current method.
I would do this myself, but I looked a the code, started to understand it, and then my chronic laziness took over.

Are you talking about this one or my one?