Wanted: Modellers


I’ve just started making a gamemode for Garrys Mod.
It’s going to be a mix between FPS and RTS.
(RTS = Real Time Strategy like Command & Conquer and Age of Empires)

It’s called The Core.
You start with 1 building, something like a construction yard from Red Alert of town centre from Age of Empires.
In that building is a coloured melon, the core.
You have to protect your core while trying to destroy the core of your enemies.
You get to build buildings like Ore Refineries (for money) or defense systems.
Maybe some system to use wire.

I have more ideas but i’ll just get to the point:
I need modellers to make the buildings.
You’ll get your name in credits and you get a high rank in the server.
I dont know wich rank, but something like Helper or Admin.

If you want to help me, add me @ steam :smiley:
Username: plokmijn7



First of all, you don’t have any reference pictures of what kind of buildings you want or how many you’re asking for which is incredibly useful for modelers viewing the thread since they know how much work they have to put into it and how much time they have to clear to do your buildings. You’re also asking for these for free. I’m not saying you have to pay for a modeler to make them, since the majority of requests will be done out of charity, but if the request takes a huge amount of effort and time you’ll probably want to toss a few bucks their way. You’re also less likely to get the request done in the first place. It’s a pain to be greedy, but modeling is an art.