WANTED: Moderators | Admins to join our community

Helloo :slight_smile:

I’m an owner of a server based in the UK and also a founder of a big gaming community offering multiple servers on various games with a possibility of opening pretty much anything that’s available on Linux. The original team consists of only 4 members with some server admins|moderators to help out. As you see its not many of us here to manage every aspect of our project (we do A LOT of things) and we need more people willing to follow our rules to pretty much have fun and help out on a low pop Rust server while they are online.

There isn’t really many things that we ask of you but this would be it:

  1. You would need to help players and not abuse your powers (at any point) while you’re online.
  2. You should be registered on our forum and forward our players there to discuss everyday server things, possible events, plugins, applications for new moderators etc…
  3. You should be able to avoid conflict with players asking for trouble and settle down childish arguments between the players
    (just to make clear)

We’ve been hosting and managing various servers for years now so you won’t need to worry about anything technical that needs to be done :slight_smile: You will get access to whatever you need to restart and possibly update the server but again, if that’s not your thing no need to worry about it, it will be done for you. We also have a TS3 server you can use or get a password protected channel on.

We’d like to hear from groups of players, preferably mature players, who think they could be a part of the community without being selfish (admin abuse!).
Please post how many members your group/clan has, where are you from and your steam link so I can add you :slight_smile:

Make some trusted member of your community into an admin. Recruiting random people on forums isn’t going to work out in 99% of the case.

You are basicly asking people to do a part-time job for you for free.

wats the payment?
and can i have a colored name oder blinking name so everyone sees i’m an admin?


No, I’m pretty much giving you the server, forum and TS3 for your mates and you to enjoy if you can’t afford one.

Asking for group(s) and or group leaders and making them admins is asking for abuse. Especially when done on these kind of forums.

Also why do you need more then 4 admin/mods on a low pop server?
If there’s something that breaks game immersion its seeing multiple admins fly around all day long.

What if you just want to admin but don’t have a group?