[WANTED] Proffessional Lua Programmer for PERP 1.0 Server Help

Hello, this is The Last Byte AKA Robert, and we are in dire need of someone to fix the whole PERP gamemode on our servers. I am currently one of the admin situated there, and we need someone with professional Lua coding skills on fixing the whole goddamned server.

We will pay the Programmer $20 USD to fix it all, and we have wasted at least 8 hours with no luck. We are looking for the real deal, not some phoney scammer.

20$? To fix a whole server? No proffessional Programmer will do it, sorry.

How much? The server is almost ready, just a few errors.

List all the issues, then people will want to do business with you.

-Broken Weed Pots ( You cannot mix seeds and pots, but every other mixture works fine)
-Errors when going over items in Windows (Lua Null errors)

-Some other small little errors that can come up.

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For 20$, I will do that. Add me on steam, (linkie under my avatar)