WANTED: Spyro Models...ragdolls.....ANYTHING SPYRO

Well, I’m new to these forums and I joined cause I needed some models and I was hoping someone would try and fill in a request I’m asking. So anyways, I looked on garrysmod.org and I saw NO Spyro models, I was really angered by that, and I can’t make models or ragdolls. So I am requesting if someone could make a Spyro pack or something…I at least want a couple of DOTD (Dawn of the Dragon) Models/Ragdolls! Plz, I have fresh cookies :stuck_out_tongue:


0h, and sorry if my picture isn’t showing, you may just have to follow the URL.


Never Mind Spyro is Pretty Awesome

Now I just looked at all the other Spyro model requests, can someone please make Spyro and Cynder!

Spyro sucks ass.

I’ll admit these might be useful for Spyro-murdering comics and other stuff like that but come on. I have played Spyro a few times but I don’t really think they’d be that useful in GMod. Just advice.

I’m just going ignore that hating Spyro comment, I just want to have Spyro on GMOD. But I notice like everytime I see a request, people reply with requesting the same thing but no one ever makes it.

Who said I hate Spyro? I’m just saying I’m not a fan of it. It DOES suck but I don’t really hate it. I just think it sucks. Okay? Okay.

So you’re saying you would like rather see a movie or something but just not a game of Spyro?

And also, Come on people, I really suck at making models/ragdolls and I just want Spyro and Cynder.

Now Cynder is cool. I’d like a model of Cynder.

Come on, someone do Spyro. :smiley:

Either someone do Spyro or someone plz teach me how to make ragdolls. Please, I’ll give them cake (ITS A LIE!)

Please don’t use “Plz”, we’re less likely to help you. I’ll try to do this, but I might not have time.

Okay, sorry and thanks at the same time. I meant to say Please but I’m a test on the phone a lot kinda guy.

New Spyro is shit, someone do the old PS1 Spyro.

That’s the Spyro I remember.

Lol, I came in to this thread thinking it was a request for a Pyro and Spy mix.

And Spyro model’s would be… ok. But you guys don’t understand that he wants them for personal use, so don’t bicker about how lame Spyro is and how it wouldn’t fit in to GMod.

Well I at least want the newest Spyro, and if possible, Cynder

are there no Spyro emus? sum1 might be able to rip a good model through there.

The amount of hate I feel towards you is so intense I feel like I’ll burn a hole in my computer screen.

Could you please just toss yourself off a building? Spyro had two fucking good games, and then it went down the shitter. Fuck Spyro, fuck Cynder, and fuck every else that has to do with fucking dragons.

Nah Endzone, Spyro 3 was the Spyro I love and remember. All the PS1 ones, after that he just started to suck.

I mean, seriously. They took away everything awesome about Spyro and made it a rubbish action game. What ever happened to collecting gems and freeing Dragons?

I kept thinking you meant “spy as pyro” spyro.

Methinks I play too much tf2.