Wanted Suit Dude vs Salem

This is my 1st pose official put on this site so it might be pretty bad but please tell me if I have any problems with my poses so it can help me in the future. Thank you for taking your time to read this and for commenting my pose if you did.



The posing sucks.


Try to ignore ingame effects, try to edit them in with GIMP (free) or Photoshop.

Salem looks more like he´s flying than jumping.

Yup, he looks like he’s either 1. flying, or more like floating, or lying on an invisible platform, or 2. In the first pic, that the texture of the ground makes him look like he’s floating

neither of those are good things. it’s because of the stiffness (he’s completely extended and straight) and the hand that seems to be resting on something.

The other guy’s posing isn’t as bad, but still very awkward. He doesn’t look like he’s shooting at Salem, just holding a hand that has a gun on it. Fingerposing and aiming the gun so that looking from the guy’s perspective you see Salem would help this.

The floppy neck (the second pic guy) looks very sketchy.