Wanted Suit+spawnlist

Go download it, Perfect for making movies.

Did not make model.

I created the spawn list.

The spawnlist is fine but why re-up the model? Its still on .org, plus Iliwasa has a account here

Because people don’t want to to go through the trouble of creating the Spawn list themselves. The Original Download didn’t come with it. I am just trying to help.

You could do what I do, upload the list and link to the model

yeah, your’e right, but, other people did it like this. I mean http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?tag=vin+diesel, you see more people download the whole thing more than just the Spawn list

Yeah, yeah, you’re right.


People are shit lazy these days.

Omg I hate people that basically just make a mini reasons to re-upload stuff. Spawnlist is probably most common mini reason to re-upload model.

Why make a spwanlist for 1 model? @.@ You could of at least done a few in a pack or something…

isn’t the model still a pain in the ass to pose?