Wanted SWep? Curving Bullets?

Wanted… Such an epic movie. Curving bullets and such…

Well… I was wondering if any awesome lua coder can make such a SWep with the HL2 Pistol – and/or any other SWep.


  1. You don’t need to bump things after slightly over half a day.

  2. It’s possible, but difficult. You would have to create a whole new bullet system.

How would you control the curving?
Like the rocket launcher where it goes where you aim?

You could use custom entities, but that would lag with e.g. a machine gun, creating like 15 entities per second…

  1. Sorry. I really want to see this thing be done. It’d be really cool

  2. You could do that? D:

Well then a machine gun is out if the question. lol

I like that idea. A lot, but how could you get it around objects and such.

Lol, this is your idea, Your request.
You tell me how it should be done and i will make it.
I think it should just be a pistol or if its on a smg or rifle it should only be one shot.

Maybe we could use this.

Thank you!!! and I think we should start of with a pistol.

First off:

You could make it so right clicking will make it turn into some kind of vision to see someone through the wall or object.

then after that left click and the person will automatically curve it into whichever person you selected with the vision.

I was thinkin about how this game did it when i responded the first time.
Ill think about it… I just may do this. I have kind of a big project on my hands atm…

Oh… What’s your big project? And thank you very much

Yeah if it had automatic curving bullets it would be cool but that eliminates the realism of the weapon but than again you could have two versions i guess im an amateur LUA coder so i don’t think i could do it maybe awatemonosan.

All the sudden I am being held in such high regard! I am honored :slight_smile:

You should be. You deserve it!

** Edit **

So. Are you going to make this?

Trace how far the bullet is from an entity, and then apply some sort of math to make it curve around the entity when it reaches a certain distance away.

That sounds good.

I don’t mean to question someones respect of me but what of mine have you seen? :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, i will make this after i am finished with version 1 of my current project.

I have seen a lot of your posts. :stuck_out_tongue: and I fell in love with the Awate’s Grab + Attack + Grenade Addon

And thank you. I’m looking forward to the version 1 of your current project.

thread no die :emo:

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