Wanted to get permission to make videos of Rust and put them on Youtube

Title says all I was wondering if I could make and put on youtube videos of Rust. Like guides and game play. If I can plz tell me thanks :slight_smile:

Anyone is allowed to make videos.

So I can put ads in it and make $$$?

Yes, The only problem you may have is if you had songs that are copyrighted then youtube will automatically flag them and ask for you to remove them before having ads.

Yes but don’t post them here please, it’ll be better that way.

No, Rust is a copyrighted game. Your channel will get flaged.

Why are you replying to a topic you have absolutely no knowledge of with a statement that is a blatant lie? Have you ever even read the official Rust FAQ where the very first entry is “Can I make money from my video/stream”?
Seriously why do people like you exist? If you don’t know shut up and let people who know this shit answer, okay?

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Permission granted!

You have our permission.

Sorry bruh, I have nothing better to do.

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Can I make money from my video/stream?

Yes. As far as we’re concerned recorded videos of the game belong to you. In the same way that when you draw a picture – the picture belongs to you – not the company that manufactured the pencils. Feel free to make money from your videos on YouTube, or Twitch, include clips in your TV show, or make a DVD box set of you playing and a sell a million copies of it for a million dollars each.

@ http://playrust.com/faq/

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