Wanted: Water fog tweaker

A lot of maps have very dense fog underwater, often limiting view distance to 20 feet or less. Gmod lets you tweak regular fog, but not underwater fog. Would it be possible to make an underwater fog tweaker, so my submarines aren’t blind?

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I think there’s a $fogcolor var in the vmt for the water texture, if I recall correctly. You could try making a mat proxy, like PlayerColor changes the color overlay on the player texture. You could make one for SetUnderwaterFogColor for water-textures / Textures with $fogcolor. My knowledge of matproxy isn’t that great, but you may need to edit the vmt to do it, I’m not sure though.

There’s also:
fog_enable_water_fog 1 - SV CHEATS REQUIRED
fog_enable_water_fog 0 - SV CHEATS REQUIRED