wanting a player model

i would like kadaj from final fantasy VII advent children to be made . if you could do that it would be great. ill find some screen shots if you need them to have an idea. i really would love to have his player model and him made into a npc unfriendly if possible for garrys mod. thanks i hope you take my idea into consideration :slight_smile:


i have a temporary model oh kadaj made for a different game the file is called “zzRemnants.pk3” it was made for a starwars game jedi knights 3.


thats a picture of the model. maybe if someone could get this model into garrys mod or make it better and animate it. that would be great.

if you want to know where to download and get the model here is the link

itll take you to the place to download

Yeah, I guess porting that model would be relatively more easy then actually making the model from scratch.

You might even get lucky and have someone do that.

i hope so. it was the only model of kadaj anywhere i found after seraching for 5 hours last night