Wanting to buy more GMOD Communities!

We have been dominating Garry’s Mod for one year this month now. I recently purchased out Rave Gaming 3-4 months ago and combined them into our network. I am now looking to purchase out yet another gaming community. I will only entertain the ideas of servers that have an active playerbase. Statistics are required (whether this is Gametracker or something else you prefer). We currently average out around 10-16k connects per day. Feel free to add me on Steam, my username is: dbeard2

Or you may post here, or PM me as well. I will contact you if I am interested in your organization.

Warmest Regards,


“Buying” communities is literally the saddest thing I have ever heard of

Even sadder that he assumes that he’s writing an email and feels it’s necessary to give us his nonexistent “warm regards” on top of the buying communities bullshit.

Why? Have you never heard of business acquisitions? Minecraft has a huge market for this, and they actually have a community built around buying/selling communities.

Some see this as a game, I myself see this as a business opportunity.

The big server men continue to advance their shadowy agenda…

And this is exactly the sad part. It’s bad enough that some game development companies see their games as sources of $$$ instead of the, well, games. And then there’s this “buying communities” bullshit which makes it all even worse.

but minecraft is run by kids.

A matter of a difference in opinions. Please refrain from trashing my post though. If you want to start a rant, go create your own post to do so. If you don’t want to discuss business, don’t partake in my thread. There’s plenty of people on here that want to know how to create their own servers without reading Google first that you can “talk to”. Thanks!

First of all, what does this have to do with your buying communities bullshit?

Second of all, this is an open public forum and you created a thread here. You should except a variety of opinions herre, including criticism. If you can’t take constructive criticism then DON’T POST.

There is a difference in criticism and constructive criticism. If someone tells you not to drink soda, does that mean you won’t drink soda? Same applies here, you don’t agree with my logic of purchasing communities, as I don’t agree with your logic of how you define “constructive”. Simple as that :slight_smile:

Next step is probably gonna be “I am going to buy Facepunch Studios, with all the users included!”

As fantastic as that would be, I don’t have the revenue for that, or the attorney powers to handle something to that size.

Because you know, Garry’s gonna let a fresh blue run the forums

More like craptastic, at least for all the users of facepunch.

So… Serverwatch was right all along?

please die

(User was banned for this post ("Rude" - Orkel))

Donald Trump is trying to take over Gmod now.

You buy dead communities too? If so hit me up :v:

The big server men are taking over…

25k for my community and usage rights to its code.