Wanting to make an admin mod

Where do I start if I want to make an admin mod, I want it to be part of my gamemode

What kind of admin mod would you want? A simple, script called administration.lua that will hold basic commands? Or a full fledge admin mod like ‘FAdmin’ in darkrp?

I think there might be some tuts on the wiki, try google’ing it.

You’ll want a core that has base functions, a folder that you get all commands from, a hook to the chat to check if the text matches any of the commands and then you just have to add commands.

You need to learn lua first.

First I want to have a file with groups in it, like noob, player, admin, owner blah blah, and then I want to have a library of admin commands, like kick, ban, rocket, etc. Later on ill add my own stuff.

More detail: How do I organize players into groups, and how do I let certain groups use commands

This seems more like a request now, and son, we aint making no admin mod for you. (at least for free) That’s the hard truth.

Andriko, it’s not easy making a admin mod with groups etc. If you don’t know Lua.

I never asked you to make it for me… I just want some examples cause all the other admin mods are horribly commented and hard to follow with like 20 if loops or whatever you wanna call them nested in each other testing variables that could mean anything, and then you have to look in the included files and search for the variables to see what they do… and even after that its just confusing.

I’m learning lua, and I just need an example :frowning:

EDIT: An example of what I mean, the ULX admin mod has 2 seperate addon folders, ulib and ulx, I know ulib is the library, but wtf?

For groups you could use **[Player.SetUserGroup

http://wiki.garrysmod.com/favicon.ico](http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Player.SetUserGroup)** **[Player.IsUserGroup


You have been learning lua for like 8 months now, if I were you I would go back and read the pil and the basic tuts again, some of these questions you ask seem like you just started to try coding and you never even read any of the basics on the lua syntax.

No I wasn’t… 8 months ago I was modding darkrp, that doesn’t count rofl

Andriko, start with something simple. Learn using tables etc. before starting a big project.

Definitely use these, overwrite the default functions like pl:IsAdmin() and pl:IsSuperAdmin(), make new ones for your groups, etc. Perhaps make it save into SQL what rank they are.