Wanting to start fresh on a new server.... but...

How sure are we that a wipe will happen tomorrow? if its like 80% i’ll do something else tonight… no point in playing tonight just to lose it in 24hrs.


I heard the Server “RUST IN PEACE. TEXAS NOOB FRIENDLY” is good. Should meet your requirements.

I don’t really want a noob friendly… I just don’t wanna play tonight if everything is gunna get wiped in 24-48hrs

thats all… :smiley:

Most of the servers dont wipe ever few hours. Just join and ask the admin.

The wipe doesnt matter soon enough hackers will find more exploits, your best bet is community until beta or some drastic server change****

I’d just wait till after the patch since wipe is probably inevitable.

TBH most popular servers will lag with the amount of structures created on them, so those ones will wipe quicker than the rest. It’s hard at rusts current state to be able to have a steady balance between, player base, structures, and lag. Most servers that have a high player base have to wipe every few weeks or so.

As far as the patch goes, I still believe the servers have to wipe to upgrade to the newest content.

I am always switching server for the fact that I can. I put plenty of time into them, and then I move on. Don’t be afraid of a wipe, just use the time to try something different. On smaller servers you can get a lot done in a short amount of time. Decide if you want to just build something for the hell of it then Join a PvE low populated server and just build and tell people to try to blow it up.

http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1368590 LOL

Our server wont be wiped unless absolutely necessary. I take lots of backups and will do rollback after next update, just to try if it works.

Search for steam group rustify. It is eu server, only rule is “dont be a dick”.

And i got called best admin on eu by lots of players.