Wanting to start gamemode development with no previous coding experience

Hello, for a while now i have been really wanting to learn gamemode development for GMod but i have 0 coding experience. I have looked at the gmod wiki for development but it doesn’t help at all.

I don’t know where to start and what to do. Help would be very much appreciated.

Why would you create a gamemode with no knowledge?

Start off small, it’s all about progress. Once you know whatever it takes and that you know you have enough knowledge to make a gamemode then go for it. But don’t rush and make a gamemode.

Look at some tutorials:

Maurits Lua Tutorial Series

CODE BLUE Youtube GLua Tutorial Series

Good luck.

Do you know what kind of gamemode you want to make, or are you just experimenting? (nothing wrong with either choice)

Getting started is hard, I had difficulty even though I already had some unrelated programming experience. There aren’t very many GOOD resources. But, for any question, this forum is available to answer.

i am planning on experimenting for now but once I learn simple scripting I may get an idea.

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thank you very much