Wanting to start roleplaying. Where to start?

Hello there

A very quick question

We and my friend are interested in giving Source engine based Role Play a shot as it looks rather good (well, extremely good compared to the GTA ‘SAMP’ RP we used to do in our past!)

Problem is, we have absolutely no idea where to start in terms of what Games we need to buy!

We’re beginning to think that we might just only need Garry’s Mod, seeing how we’ve already got CS:S., but somewhere in the back of my mind I am thinking that we’re going to need both a copy of Half Life 2 AND Garry’s Mod to get the most out of roleplaying?

Any suggestions?

Half Life 2 materials and props are included with CSS. However, I’d recommend HL2: EP2 for popular maps such as evocity2, where it is required.

get EP2 for forest maps and DODS if its a ww2rp. tf2 is rather useless for rp

Am I right in thinking that most Servers are scripted off of the Basis HL2 stuff then?

So I COULD just download Garry’s Mod and start playing around on at least SOME servers?

Most, actually. Many servers do not use EP2, TF2, and portal. Download gMod! GOGOGO!

The servers that do use Ep2 maps without Ep2 content installed are fun, no collisions models in sight for most trees. And almost every tree in Ep2 is large enough to hide in.

Cheers for that guys…

Any ideas of what server(s) we should start off on then? We’ve tried a few which mucho fail.

The bigger the better ideally!

I must ask, what kind of RP are you looking for?

Looking for roleplay based on another game/movie? Because there’s plenty of those, mostly HL2RP and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. roleplay from what I’ve seen, but there are others.

If not, the majority of roleplays are based on real-life situations, a greater majority of these servers running DarkRP. Regardless of what people say, DarkRP -can- be a good gamemode for roleplay, if the right community is using it and the people there are both responsible and good roleplayers themselves. DarkRP is not the only real-life RP gamemode out there though, so don’t worry.

Depending what exactly you’re after (or if you just want to try them all out) I might be able to suggest some good servers for you.

Also bigger (map wise and both server-slot amount wise is not always better, in fact sometimes it is the very opposite. For maps like evocity etc. bigger is almost definitely better but the greatest RPs had have often been on servers with only 24-32 slots on a decent sized map. I guess it’s all personal preference though)

Not true.

EP2 Foliage.

And all the rest of the foliage.

(User was banned for this post ("Distributing Valve content" - Dragon))

Yeah, and distributing EP2 content is totally not warez.

And back on topic; I suggest you try Taco And Banana sometime, it’s awesome.

Here’s my take:

I don’t really frequent that much other RP servers but HGN Stalker RP(http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=760873) and MeteorNet(http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=716621) have good admins and dedicated players.

Also TacoNBanana is a good server(IP: if a bit…hard for beginners.(http://taconbanana.com/forums/)

Yea, I don’t have EP2, but can see Evocity fine, is it EP1?

You might be looking at Evocity_v2. the one that has EP2 is Evocity2.

Also there is a Very good server out there called Live in Fear. It is a fallout server. But before yo go It us NOT a fallout 3 server. So no Vault 101 or Killing the entire town. Go vist there fourms sometime

I’d say get EP1 and EP2 content, and then go to the Meteornet servers. You’ll need to make an account, and it’s a very tightly-woven community, but if you can roleplay well you’ll enjoy the server.