War 2.0 - Work In Progress

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As some of you may know, I released a gamemode a few months ago entitled War, it received good reviews at first, but then players got bored and it died down within 2 weeks. I’ve come together to realize that it was because there was only one thing to do in it, kill the other team. So, I have decided to revamp the gamemode into a sort of RPG styled gamemode.

Description: War is a 3rd person RPG styled shooter, while the main view is 3rd person behind the player you can right click to look over the shoulder and have a crosshair to aim better.

Original Gamemode Features:
Character Creation
Experience Points to rank up.
Ranking system with 8 ranks.
2 Teams (The Legion and The Wolf Pack)
Custom Models Per Team
Weapon Creation (Using Materials)
2 Forms of Currency: Cash and Supplies (Supplies are used more for item creation, cash is for novelty.)
Flags (To capture for XP and cash)

Original Problems: Gamemode was just a shooter, got boring very fast.

New Gamemode Features:
Mini-map (Markers and Zoom Levels)
Squad System (Works like a party or group)
Guild System (Earn Guild Rewards and Buffs)
Flags (Now holding flags for your team will grant you a defense bonus, which means you take less damage)
Hats (For novelty!)
Radios around the map (Just because I can?)
“Cargo Hold”, an area in the player’s main base where they can put items they do not wish to carry.

By doing this, I’m hoping to achievement some popularity for this gamemode, as it has the potential to be very fun.

As of this moment, I am working on a program that will allow the community to help me make quests and NPCs in an easy way. Expect it done in a few days.

Expect the gamemode done in about 2-3 weeks, depending on how busy I am.


Quest Log:


Part of HUD that tells how many points each team has:


Some citizens that walk around and have the ability to talk to you and give quests if needed:


Finished quest maker:

NPC Dialog Menu:


More to come soon!


Hopefully this will be a lot better than the original.

I’m hoping for it to be, I’ve changed a lot of the old stuff.

I’m ready to play.

Win gamemode is win.

Edited OP with some pics.

Yes, I love this. Quest Maker :3


Looks really good, so this is going to be public gamemode? If so, i can’t wait!

For the public to play, not to edit. Sorry, but I’d like to keep my gamemode private for a bit. :slight_smile:

Finished the quest maker, pic in OP.

this looks pretty good! Definitely gonna look at this when it is out.

Looks great! There will be a new map though right? I don’t particularly like gm_contruct for anything but building.

Haha, yes, we have a custom map, “war_desert_v1”. Though I’m considering changing the setting to something more urban if the mapper is up for it. I just use gm_construct for testing because it loads faster.

Hey if you need any help or want company with the C# and any web development (html, php, javascript, mysql, blah blah etc) just pm me or add me on steam “thebamfordz” i would love to work with you on this. It looks fantastic!

Need a mapper?

If you need , just say .

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The Gamemode will be realease on gmod.org to can be download .

I actually do need one, I had a mapper but I’m not sure if he’s willing to remake a new map. PM me if you’re interested.