War After Armageddon Part 1


Yes indeed it is a short to be continued but if you enjoyed the readings expect some action in next one.

Bubz won’t rage at CC. (Bubz asking for CC)

Pics look a tiny bit blurry but besides that I don’t see any problems. Seems like an interesting story to me.

This comic lacks optimism.


These models are awful without editing…

also generic cod thing.

Actually I blurred the models so you can focus more on the story.

And everything related to Armageddon/War have to be called as generic COD?

dumb bombs :downs:

Those models are bad and your “blurring the model to focus on the story” thing is just stupid. Don’t ever blur like that again.
Anyway looking forward to it my dear bubz. :3

Santz doesnt like.

Oh it’s ok Bubz.

Serious comics are rare so I’ll support any serious comic maker.

Hmm, could be interesting. Go for it!

Armageddon, are you referring to the biblical doomsday/endwar or just doomsday in general?