War Development Thread

EDIT: I am currently looking for a longtime graphic designer to make clientside stuff look more appealing to the eye, I suck at it. You must be good at design, and know how to use Photoshop and do enough Lua to draw shit on the screen.

[h2]Introduction[/h2]Welcome to War. I’ve been working on this gamemode for a couple of months, and I’m going to start keeping this thread updated with things I get done.

[h2]What is War?[/h2]One of my friends approached me with this idea around October of last year. It was originally planned to be sort of like PS3’s MAG, obviously with less players.

We realized it was a little bit plain though, it could use more features. So it was put back into redesign, so this is technically our second version of War that will be released.

It is currently like a shooter mixed with RPG elements. It has quests, custom AI using Spacetech’s gm_navigation module, vehicles, a faction system, and many more can be found on the full features list below.

I’ve spent countless hours optimizing this gamemode so it can run efficiently and non-laggy with a bunch of players.

[h2]Features[/h2]-2 Teams, The Legion and The Wolf Pack, fight for control over a map.

-Player leveling system. (You earn XP and eventually rank up to a new rank).

-Capturable Territories with guard NPCs to protect them.

-3 Player Classes: Support (resupplies ammo), Medic (heal and revive players), Engineer (repair vehicles)

-Purchasable Upgrades that give you an edge over players, however, only one can be active at a time and only remains active for 3 minutes, and then has a 5 minute cooldown.

-Character Creation (Team, First and Last Name, Model, Class)

-An inventory system, you do have a limited amount of items you can hold. Maybe a faction banking system of some sort is needed?

-Faction System (Works like guilds in any other MMO, there are faction benefits available for purchase).

-Squad System (Temporary group where XP for each kill is shared with the group).

-2 Vehicles: A dune buggy and a helicopter. The dune buggy has 3 seats and 2 guns. The helicopter has 8 seats and 2 guns, one on each side. Both are custom coded, and not some WAC addon junk, so don’t ask me to add a WAC helicopter.

-A store to buy novelty items, this is probably the least done feature, all I have is one hat so far.

-Quests (not really a huge part of the gamemode, they will be just for fun or for some cool items)

-Custom AI using Spacetech’s gm_navigation module.

-Props so you can build defenses for your captured territories.

[h2]Screenshots[/h2]Weapons, all hexed by Siminov.

Buddy List

Prop List

Main Menu



NPC Dialog and Quests

NPCs and SWEPs (Yea I took the crosshair design from MadCow, deal with it)

(Oh, and the ammo HUD isn’t done, ignore that black rectangle)



This one came out bad, ew.



Shooting from the helicopter’s side…

The Dune Buggy (Okay, so it’s the jeep from HL2)


Please post some constructive criticism for me. If you have any suggestions that will help improve game-play or make it more fun please don’t hesitate to post.

With all the features you’ve enumerated it really seems awesome. Although epic, I would really like to see a screenshot with net_graph 3.

I like the backpack thingy.


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That’s just part of the model, lol.

Fuck yeah, exactly what gmod needs.

Oh. Thats a little disappointing. I was hoping it was something you could interact with.

Still looks cool.

I could make it something you could interact with, I just need a decent model or to find someone to rip that one out.

Will this be publicly released?

I’m not planning to, I’ve worked for about 6 months on this gamemode and I’d like to privately host it.