War is a merciess place. (Pyro showing a Demoman the meaning of that phrase)

Well yeah got bored and decided to try a pose, and i guess practice some blood. lol


C&C please, and thank you. :slight_smile:

Er what is the pyro smacking the demoman with?

Ah damn, its actually the axtinguisher, just i guess the angle made it look like something else. Any thoughts about the pose itself?

You missed the L key.

Its nice, demoman looks a bit awkward though with the faceposing.

This is cool.

Thanks :D, can i get some C&C before this thread dies?

The blood on the demoman’s face is really weird, it’s very obvious you shot him, you should have just made the blood in photoshop.

Other then that I can’t find anything wrong.

“Merciess place:(((((((”

Also that’s some funky bloom.

Yeah I failed when I made the title for the thread, and what happened with his face was when i switched to my camera to take the picture it switch to the pistol and i accidently shot it at his face D:>.
But thanks for the C&C :D.

War is not a place what are you doing

Looks like you used the wrong type of blur for the pyro’s arms.

Picture has potential. ^^

I would have put the motion blur on just the end of the axe, the part that would be moving the quickest, the blur in general around that area makes it hard to see what is going on.

A better angle would have been nice.