'War is coming... With all it's Glory...'

‘And all it’s Horror’


Freeky Thing’s edit;

  • Just wanted to make something Starcraft related, nothing special.

What’s up with Nick’s left eye?

He got scar matey

No, it looks like the left eyelid has been pulled up. Great picture, rated pallet.

Looks good, though I wouldn’t exactly call Nick a marine type 'a guy. :v:

Still, editing looks excellent, nice work.

You fucked the Uppix links, you picked the frame for freaky. :v:
Anyway seen both (he sent them to me over steam) and to me it’s a draw, can’t decide which one’s the best, they both look cool.


Its too dangerous to go alone!

Here. Take this.

all we need is the hydralisk model now

Coming sooner than expected.

O’rly? I still need the red dominion marine…unless it is somewhere on that SC2 download I posted earlier.

Here is a thread for anyone who is interested: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=977799

It is, check your PM.
For those who are interested too, you need to use the Bodygroup changer tool (gmod.org it) and right click on the ragdoll to switch between regular blue et dominion skin.

I like it. Nice work.


Messing with his eye to make the scar look worse worked well.

Musta got stabbed in the face.

Ahaha nice Gold. ;D

Editing wise, Nick looks weird in that suit.

fiddled with it for quite a while, but thanks for being honest :slight_smile:

Great, now I can’t unsee it.

Really cool. For some reason, Nick goes well with battle armor. But, honestly, I clicked expecting something hilarious.