War is coming.

I was messing around with bubbagamer’s marine and Jimesu_Evil’s siege tank and I ended up with this picture and decided to shop it. What’Ya think?
I welcome constructive criticism, but I never post images here so please be gentle! :smile:

All credit for the models goes to the respective authors for their awesome work!



Here’s an alternative background for more color:

Nice very nice, however, the sky seems a bit empty in my opinion. Maybe you could photoshop in some banshees?

Another thing, it be very cool if you finished the quote with two more seperate pictures.

“War is comming, with all its glory, and all its horror”

Actually I tried to do that, but having the rest of the quote filled up too much of the screen, my original idea was to have it similar to those Dominion recruiting posters that showed up before SC2 came out.

I agree I need to add some background action though. Thanks for the feedback!

The edit looks very nice.
Got a laugh outa how bright the first 1 is, the white light blends in with the FP background.

Not bad, maybe with a bigger resolution.

I like the background.

Yeah the sun is amazingly bright on that tatooine level for gmod,
didn’t edited that at all.

The second edit is much better in my opinion. Gives the marines a bit of a “You get in our way, we blow you up” look.