War Monger

The third shot in my black and white series and one I thought could be given its own topic

In retrospect I should’ve added some infantry to emphasize the sheer scale of the main “character” and I’m not all that satisfied with the lightning effects, but otherwise it turned out pretty alright.

Well if that ain’t the best shit i seen all week i might as well deep fry some butter

Excellent work

lovely the music goes great with the picture but question when do you plan on releasing this to the titan pack?

Man, i just love how you’re doing those blasting effects!

soon. it’s pretty much done. the Titans overall need some shader tweaking.

Really good! The lighting is perfect

Man that is really amazing. Professional work there.
And all that is rendered in Gmod?

a bit late there mate, but i do appreciate the praise. yes, it’s all GMod… and at the same time not, because it’s not just one screenshot straight from the game. to get good lighting - for the purpose of circumventing engine limits and having more control over the light effects - i capture each light source into its own shot, and then i composite them together in the photoshopping phase.

I always loved how the Imperator Titans were made to look like walking Gothic castles, they look so menacing to anyone stupid enough to fight them, too bad I’ve never seen one in table top.

Being not even what would be considered a tyro in 3D modeling I love the fabulous lighting effects and food for thought when I add lighting to my construct. Now I see a spherical envelope surrounding the Titan. How do the Titan’s weapons penetrate it’s own void shields; some sort of phase shifting, nano second shutting down of shields when firing?