War of Servers 2

Hello there.

I was just wondering around the Garry’s Mod Movie, called War Of The Servers. It was made back in 2007 LitFuse Films.
This is one of the best made and longest Machinima/movies Made by Garry’s Mod.

Im not going to say a lot, But if you think that is needs a continuation, Ill be developing this thread.

Already done.


I remeber that about a year ago someone got interviewed for one of those GMod news website, and he talked about doing War of the Servers 2, I think the project didn’t ever take off though.

The problem with makeing a War of the servers 2 is most likley that one needs quite abit of people on the server that do as they are told in order to actually make it properly .

Another problem would be haveing a good enough script too

Just because it’s long it dosesn’t mean it’s good

But it was good. I watched the whole movie and was a real enjoyment. It’s sad that Lit Fuse is not what it used to be since more of them are working in industry (don’t remember the name but one guy worked on Mass Effect 2).

War of the Servers was a good fan film but I don’t think they’re gonna make another. Mostly because everyone at lit-fuse left and did other things I think.

I was an extra in that film…
…why would they make a war of the servers 2?

They left it at a cliffhanger.

It should just be left up to our imaginations what happens next, don’t think it really needs a sequel.

I don’t think it needs a sequel.

At best, if the movie inspired you so much, make your own feature-length film using Garry’s Mod.

At least, that’s what I plan to do.

closest thing we are on going for that is this trailer.
even if its based on battle: LA.