War of the Fanboys - Episode 3

New comic incoming!


The first part (trainstation) was made yesterday, but I delayed it due to my sickness and combined two episodes to make Episode 3.

-The comic was again, done in paint. I know, I know, I try not to use it, but I had to rush it because the contest ends in two days. I promise I will use GIMP in my future comics!
-The train station part was supposed to feature enemies.
-The conversation with the command team was supposed to stretch on to three more panels, but I decided to cut it short.

Comic not workin

I realized that.
Editing now.



Good comic, but use GIMP GODDAMNIT!

Better image hosts, and over all I like your poses, they just seem a little empty, and the models need to be better quality.


Also, good posing, if a little biased (As am I, goooooo Gordon!), I would suggest finding some more interesting models, with a few more close ups.

Thanks for the hosts!

Yea, I know the models are at a low quality, I have settings toned down to medium because my computer can barely run Source games. Most of the time I run out of vram/ram and I have to turn of everything except models and textures that remain on medium. I’m doing graphical experiments with the engine at the moment, just to see whenever or not my PC will blow up or have a decent framerate.

As for now, I’ll try finding the best models there are at use, but just to note… THIS WAS A RUSHED PROJECT, I’ll try my best in the next series, since I’ve got plenty of time for that!

Try and use some speech bubbles for the next one, random floaty texts are annoying and it means you dont need to colour code their speech