War of the Fanboys

Due to massive shitstorm between Nintendo fanboys and Valve’s Steam Army that is now going on in Gamespot’s “All Time Greatest Video Game Hero contest”, in which finales are Gordon Freeman and Mario competing, I have decided to create a small comic arc 'till the end of the finales.



I have noticed some problems with the models, such as disability to facepose the kids and the soldiers.
Everything was also dark so I tried to light it up with Color Mod but I think I failed at it.
I also misspelled “mobilized” in the first panel.



A lot more serious part.
I tried using GIMP for the speech bubbles, but after a whole hour of tutorial searching I ultimately failed and started using paint again. Sorry. :confused:
The troop count (vote count for Gordon) may have changed during the time I was making the comic.

You support Gordon and you make Mario’s fans look bad, enough for me.
Plus i lol’ed a little :stuck_out_tongue:

But please… DON’T USE PAINT!

This is shit.
I didnt laugh and the joke is bad.

Oh damn. I got this great idea looking at this. But stealing ideas isn’t nice.

Dont call it stealing
Call it “improving” :smug:

I know guys.
I’ll try improving it as much as I can and try using GIMP for editing.
I’m still new at this a little so…

Practice makes master. Keep at it. I lolled at pic with the kids. Was kind of funny.

Everything those kids were saying was taken from real events in Gamespot.

I don’t doubt it for a second:)

Update. Added Part 2.

i cant see part 2 all it shows is an x

Didn’t I make a comment saying I’d make a movie called WAR OF THE FANBOYS on the Official gamespot thread in Games forum?

You did? Oops, didn’t notice that…
I was thinking of several other names for the comic, but WOTF turned up as the best name for it.

Part two is borked.

I just noticed that. The hosts never work fine for me.
I’ll repair it in a sec.

Oh well, Great minds think alike.

I might re-downlaod the HL2 beta kid and make some WOTF comic’s too.

Just like your “Improved” Avatar.

Why does everyone care about a stupid contest in which the winner gains nothing

‘‘Damn, the command is dead’’

But both sides of that dreaded contest were little whining children.