War Of The Monsters Models

i managed to rip models from War Of The Monsters for ps2, but my pc can’t open it with 3ds max, it will start to load it but eventually just freezes or says “3ds max has stopped responding” probably because of all the stuff on screen from the scene, ive done this with other ps2 games and havent had this issue as badly, some still would lag when importing to 3ds max but not this bad, so the scene is probably stretched way out of proportion like most ps2 games when you first rip them, also the UV maps and texture colors would need to be fixed aswell, the rip includes Agamo, Kineticlops, Preytor and Ultra V. i doubt anyone would care to do all that work on them, but just thought it’d be better then just have them go to waste sitting here on my pc if someone does infact happen to fix them up. so if anyone else cares they’re here